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Specimen Homes look at developing property with Buy To Let in mind in sought after locations.

If you will need a mortgage but cannot immediately easily raise 15% for a normal Buy To Let deposit, then Specimen Homes can help - with us a significantly lower 10% deposit will get you your Buy To Let investment property ! And if you are fortunate enough to not need a mortgage, then you may find the 5% cashback that we can offer useful !

You can phone Bob Specimen of Specimen Homes on 07958 434 656 or e-mail him as indicated below.

And our properties are developed especially with Buy To Let in mind, like this property below ;

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Islington London, 4 bedroom flat,

In an area where this type of property is in demand at profitable rent levels, close to shops, schools and public transport.

Floor plan ;

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The Hall, for your tenant's elegant entrance ;

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The Kitchen, nicely designed for cooking needs ;

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The View, our properties have a better than average view for the area ;

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Relaxing, and all our properties are made for easy living ;

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TO BUY : This desirable property is available at £165,000 with a 5% deposit assistance. If you may be interested in buying this property, you can phone Bob Specimen of Specimen Homes or e-mail him

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