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Buy To Let websites are often poorly designed for the real needs of the different types of Buy To Let investor.

Buy To Let investors generally are of three different kinds,

1. New entrants, seeking advice on the relative profitability of Buy To Let and on how best to actually become a successful Buy To Let landlord.

2. New entrants needing mortgages, seeking advice on their best mortgage options and on actually getting the best possible mortgage.

3. Established landlords looking for good advice on managing their current properties or on increasing their property portfolio.

Very few websites really cater for all of these needs, even big websites and even when they claim to be Buy To Let specialists.

We target exclusively the Buy To Let investor, and few others really achieve that. So we like you are interested in any special websites for the Buy To Let investor. If you really have a good relevant website then do let us have the details !

And this site is hoping to also soon open a regional Buy To Let special property deals section !!

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For now, for good Buy To Let websites, you could try looking at ARLA - Association of Residential Letting Agents or Residential Landlord

If you have, or are developing, properties in the UK suitable for Buy To Let, and especially if you can offer suitable deals, then you should contact us, and you could get something like THIS .

OR if you are a lender that can help our Buy To Let investors build a property portfolio - eg one of our typical recent enquiries,
"I am intending to build a property portfolio of about 20 houses over the next 18 months, expecting to finance 80% of purchase prices one by one, but ideally do not wish to apply for 20 separate mortgages, but rather set up a relationship with a single lender, experienced in these kind of investments, and establish a credit line on which I could draw based on valuations and surveys. I would like to have the possibility of periodic revaluations allowing further borrowing against increased valuations as an option for the future expansion of the portfolio."

And e-mail your details, property deals with plans/photos or mortgage details to:

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IF you have access to a PC with Excel then see our very helpful Excel Buy To Let profit calculator to cost your ideas at Buy To Let Profit Calculator, or see our best MS Excel Mortgage Calculators at MS Excel Mortgage Calculators.

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