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If you are now letting property, or thinking of renting out property that you now own, then get an expert report on how good or how poor a financial property investment yours is. It may be that you could do better selling. Current property lettings or rent your house proposals can have their financial viability expertly examined. Your current property value estimates, and current mortgage loan amounts will allow this expert appraisal, and you will also get the BEST overall UK Rent Your House advice including rent level advice and tax advice.

Buy one get one free ! You can submit two Rent Your House proposals (A, B) with the form below for the price of one - only £9.99. You will receive expert e-mail reports on each proposal's forecast expected profit or loss, maximum likely (re)mortgage obtainable and advice on rent levels etcetera. Payment details below form.

England Rent My House, proposal for appraisal

For £9.99 payment ;

EITHER send cheque or PO (payable to Vincent Wilmot) to Wilmots, 166 Freeman Street, Grimsby, N.E.Lincs, DN32 7AT.
OR pay securely online with any Visa or Mastercard or a Paypal account, by clicking this Paypal button ;

BUT if you are considering a Buy To Let and have Excel on your computer at home or at work, then easily do your own costings with our very helpful Buy To Let calculator that includes an easy separate Mortgage Calculator.

OR if you have access to a PC with Microsoft Office Excel then see here for the best Mortgage Cost Calculators.

PS. you can have our Buy-To-Let expert report generator in Excel for your own private or business use for only £39.99 ! Contact us, e-mail BTL@buy-to-let.me.uk and we will get back to you asap.

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