Microsoft Office Excel Buy To Let Profit Calculator,
with separate mortgage calculator.

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If you are thinking about a commercial Buy To Let, and have access to a computer with Excel, then you could really benefit from our easy to use Buy To Let profit calculator. This Buy To Let scheme calculator can help you decide if a particular Buy To Let option is OK for you.

And its separate Excel mortgage calculator also included free, can help you choose the best mortgage for you. (but if you just want a good Excel mortgage calculator see our sister site's Mortgage Calculators.)

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Our easy automated Buy To Let Calculators in Excel are a MUST for anybody really concerned with doing a Buy To Let. Both calculators, for initial appraisal and for mortgage costing, will help with your Buy To Let decisions.

This easy Buy To Let profit calculator will tell you how much loan you can raise and if it will be enough for your Buy To Let. And our included Buy To Let mortgages calculator can calculate the cost of normal Buy To Let repayment mortgages as well as an Overpayment and/or basic Offset mortgage (linked only to a current account) - and what savings are made by overpayment and/or current account linking as well as how much earlier they make the mortgage finish.

Our Buy To Let Profit Calculator is shown below ;

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And below shows our Buy To Let mortgage calculator ;

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Both of these calculators use easy input prompts, and onboard help.

Use these easy automated Buy To Let Calculators to cost different options and their affordability.
Suitable for all Excel versions from Excel97 onwards, and can be downloaded when order completed.
Get our automated Excel Buy To Let profit calculator now for only around £9.99 from our sister site by clicking Buy To Let calculator.

NOTE : The mortgage calculator sheet provided calculates the benefit of Overpayment on a mortgage that allows it, which depends on ALL the mortgage details and NOT just on the overpayment amount. The graph below shows the benefit of Overpayment for one example mortgage.

(For any other mortgage, you can run the Mortgage Calculator sheet with 2 or 3 different Overpayment rates, then its top 'NOTE' will tell you how much money is saved and going down the Payments Saved column will show how many months of payment are saved.)

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Get our great automated Excel Buy To Let profit calculator now only around £9.99 from our sister site by clicking Buy To Let calculator.

OR on our sister site, see our pair of automated Excel mortgage cost calculators now only £9.99, or customised for only £29.99.

OR see our automated Excel POS retail software point of sale systems for shops in Pounds or Dollars now only £12.99, or customised for only £29.99.

AND we do our own great Excel Shared Ownership Housing SO Cost Calculator - and for housing developers our Home Sale Appraiser and SO Development Appraiser at good prices.

AND you can download our FREE automatic Excel Free Math Sheets for different ages.

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NOTE :- Buy To Let mortgages are generally commercial mortgages with some special aspects, as discussed elsewhere on this website, but some lenders like HSBC have recently moved to offering normal private mortgages for Buy To Let. You can find different kinds of commercial Buy To Let mortgages, as with private mortgages. The most common Buy To Let mortgage is a variable interest-only mortgage or a variable repayment mortgage both approximately following any base interest rate changes like a Tracker mortgage but without an exactly specified tracking rule (instead lenders generally following market interest rate changes). Lenders will rarely lend more than 85% of the property price for Buy To Let and some also have other limits that may relate to expected rent. The need for a large deposit may be helped by some sellers giving cash-back assistance. And lenders may agree interest-only deals, that are not often available for buying a property for you to live in but may get you a bigger loan.

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